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June 28, 2021 02:00 PM

Community Associations Institute is pleased to launch the first of our new Keystone Connect Online Forums. 

These forums are designed to provide members with an opportunity to ask questions, share knowledge and best practices and connect with colleagues on a local level.

Follow the simple three step process described below to subscribe to the Keystone Members Community Forum or the High Rise Buildings Community Forum. Additional forums may be added later.

1. Login to the chapter website from the homepage.


2. Click on "Member Forums" on the left side menu.


3. Click on the forum(s) you wish to subscribe to and under "Forum Actions" on the right side, click "Subscribe to Instant Updates." After subscribing, you will receive an email every time a new topic is posted in the forum. To change this setting and just receive a daily digest email of activity in each forum you subscribe to, read more below.


4. To change the email settings so you only receive a daily digest email of activity in your forum, click on the drop down menu under your name in the upper right. Then, click on Account Settings.


5. Click on Information & Settings. 


6. On the Preferences tab, scroll to the bottom. Under "Newsletter", click on the Subscribe button to the right of "Forum Digest." This step will enable you to receive digest emails of activity in any forum you wish to subscribe to. Be sure to click the Save My Settings button.



7. Next, click on the Forum Settings tab shown below and for each forum you are subscribed to, click "Subscribe to Digest" and unclick "Subscribe to Instant Updates." By following this procedure, you will only receive a Daily Digest email of activity in the forum(s) to which you are subscribed. 


Be sure to visit your Forum often to post questions and share information with fellow members.

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