Podcast: Effective Management of Lakes and Ponds Without Chemicals

June 11, 2019 02:13 PM

Welcome to this edition of Community Matters podcast, where we discuss issues important to managing and governing condos, cooperatives and homeowner associations.

The topic for this episode is lake and pond management – we’ll be talking about techniques to manage your communities lakes and ponds. We’ll touch on why aeration is important for your lakes and ponds, controlling harmful algal blooms, weed management and erosion control.

My guest today is John Phelps, an Environmental Scientist with SOLitude Lake Management. John has over a decade of experience in water and land management throughout the Delaware, Pennsylvania and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic. John has worked on major land-development projects, conducted threatened and endangered species surveys, and played an integral role in efforts to reduce nutrient loading and manage harmful algal blooms in community lakes and ponds in a sustainable manner. For more information on SOLitude Lake Management, please visit their website.

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