Poconos Council Presents Annual Awards

December 11, 2017 11:11 AM

CAI's Pocono Mountains Regional Council presented the council's annual recognition awards at the PMRC Holiday Party at Lake Naomi Club on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. We congratulate the following award winners!

Business Partner of the Year Award

The Business Partner of the Year award is given to a CAI Member Business Partner who has provided extraordinary service and support to an individual community association and the industry as a whole.PMRC_BP_of_the_Year

The 2017 Poconos Business Partner of the Year is Dave Moyer with Papillon & Moyer Excavating & Paving, LLC. Dave was nominated by Cathleen Dunn from A Pocono Country Place.

Dave Moyer has supported A Pocono Country Place as well as the CAI PA Del Val Chapter through numerous sponsorships.  Annually Papillon & Moyer supports our annual Field Day with a donation towards our firework show as well as donating his helicopter services to deliver McGruff the Crime Dog to National Night out for the residents of A Pocono Country Place.  Additionally, Dave has supported numerous events held in the Poconos and annually supports the spring staff symposium.  In March 2017, the Association was faced with 3 feet of snow and Dave was able to ensure one truck and a driver was available through our equipment leasing agreement to replace a vehicle that had broken down.  It is business partners like Dave and his crew that help make Associations shine through detailed and professional work, dedication and teamwork for the best interest of the Association!

Poconos Association Employee of the Year Award

The Poconos Association Employee of the Year Award is given to an employee of a community association who has excelled with his or her job performance or with contributions to the community as a whole.

The 2017 Poconos Association Employee of the Year is Cathleen Dunn, Manager of A Pocono Country Place. Cathleen was nominated by Board Member Peggy Cooney.Cathleen_Dunn

Cathleen Dunn has proven to be a true asset to A Pocono Country Place this year. As many of you know, Cathy gave birth in June to a beautiful/healthy Boy. Before Cathy went out on maternity leave she made arrangements to have someone cover her job and just days before she gave birth she found out that her back up person would not be available to cover for her. Cathy's job is the central nerve center to our community and this turn of events was to say very concerning. Due to Cathy's loyalty, knowledge and devotion to her job and most importantly her strong relationships with her staff she managed to oversee remotely that all operations carried on without a hitch. Cathy is a remarkable women to have pulled this off with a newborn at home and recovering from giving birth.  I was told that while she was in labor she was still texting her staff!  Cathleen Dunn has certainly excelled in her job performance this year!

Community Association Volunteer of the Year Award

The Poconos Community Association Volunteer of the Year is given to an individual volunteer within a community association who has excelled in his or her volunteer capacity. 

The 2017 Community Association Volunteer of the Year is Vincent Ricci with Blue Mountain Lake Club. Vincent was nominated by Laurie Gonzalez, Community Manager at Blue Mountain Lake Club.V_Ricci

Vincent Ricci has made a measurable impact over the past five years as a member of the Blue Mountain Lake Club Board of Directors.  He has served as President, Vice President and is currently Secretary.  His commitment and dedication and his strong voice for change can be directly correlated to the Blue Mountain Lake Club receiving the Gold Star recognition by CAI as well as the current financial health of the Association.  Vincent consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.  As an example, he never hesitates to drive from store to store looking for the best prices of office supplies, maintenance supplies and community event supplies. He is the first to volunteer his time for a community event, meeting or any other project that requires additional manpower.  Vincent is a true asset to the Blue Mountain Lake Club.

Community Association of the Year Award

The Poconos Community Association of the Year is given to a community association which has exhibited excellence over the course of the year in the areas of management, governance, finance, and/or community building.  

The 2017 Community Association of the Year is Blue Mountain Lake Club. The community association was nominated by Amy Janiszewski with Preferred Management Associates.

The BMLC Board of Directors transitioned to full membership control in BMLC_CA2015.Since that time the Board has worked tirelessly to build their reserves and complete many projects. In the past  months many goals have been met. A full reserve study has been completed. A comprehensive road study was performed that allowed the Board to determine a strategic plan for road and drainage throughout the community. A disciplined reserve policy has been implemented and adhered to; thus, allowing the continued accrual of reserve funds, while maintaining capital items and roadways within the community. There were challenges, but the entire group of directors, along with various committee members, has tackled these challenges with success. After such a short time, management feels that the community is ready to attain Gold Star status and has recently begun the application process.  The Board, committees, membership and staff should be very proud of how far they have come in such a short period of time.

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