Philadelphia's Facade Reporting Requirement

July 2, 2016 12:11 PM
Important Information for Property Managers in Philadelphia
As of June 30, 2015, all buildings more than six stories high or with other features more than sixty feet tall are required to file a written report with the City of Philadelphia on the condition of the façade of the building. The report is required to be updated every 5 years. Failure to comply with this requirement could expose properties to unlimited liability in the event of façade failures causing personal injury and property damage. Don’t let your community put themselves in an adversarial position with their insurance provider.

The Property Maintenance Code requires the report to be certified by a licensed professional engineer or architect experienced in design, construction, and inspection of building façades. The inspection must be conducted on a representative sample of the façade “from a scaffold or observation platform” (not from the ground) PM-304.10.3.4.
As these reports need to be the result of up close observations, be cautious of proposals specifying inspection with binoculars or looking out windows.  Ultimately, the building owners are responsible for the submission of reports in compliance with the code.

Who should you contact to perform your required facade inspections?

1. An engineering firm experienced in the evaluation of building facades as they relate to the Bill No. 090568-AAA (PM-304.10) inspections.

2. A firm with adequate staff and knowledge of construction technologies and methods.
3. A firm capable of compiling a comprehensive set of bidding documents for the repair and maintenance of your building.
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