Keep Warm This Winter

December 1, 2018 05:33 AM

The winter months are known to bring us an abundance of snow, cold and fluctuating temperatures that wreak havoc on a community’s infrastructure. It’s time to prepare your homes & facilities for the approaching winter season.

Follow the steps below to prepare you for the winter:

  1. Tune up heating system & have your boiler inspected
  2. Conduct attic inspections to identify any air leaks from vents, ducts ice-3009009fans, or fixtures. It is also important to look for damaged or missing insulation- this could cause dangerous and destructive ice damming.
  3. Make sure gutters and roof drains are cleared of all the leaves and branches.
  4. Inspect your roofs for damaged or missing shingles, damaged flashings and blistered membrane.
  5. Check for any drafts coming through windows or doors.
  6. Make sure all of the irrigation systems & exterior faucets are drained so the pipes do not freeze.
  7. Inspect and seal any openings in the façade.
  8. In crawlspaces, make sure insulation is in place and pipes are well insulated.
  9. Check leaders and ground drainage so water is flowing freely away from the building.
  10. If you are heading south for the winter, or if there are unoccupied/foreclosed residences, do not turn heat down below 55 degrees - this will help prevent pipes from freezing.

For more information or to request an assessment of your property, please contact The Falcon Group today.  

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