Recruiter Rewards

2021 Recruiter Rewards Program


Meet our May Recruiter Rewards Winner... Carol Shenk from Sagewater!


Make a Sure Bet with CAI 

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Every time you recruit a new member to join CAI, you'll earn an entry into our two $500 grand prize drawings. The top recruiter each month wins a $50 or $100 gift card (depending on the number of new members you recruit that month). To qualify for recruiter of the month, you must recruit a minimum of two new members in a month.

Check out the full details on the Recruiter Rewards Flyer.

Sponsored by Sterling National Bank


We’ve teamed up with business partner member Sterling National Bank in an exciting way that I’m excited to share! Sterling National Bank has signed on as our exclusive Recruiter Rewards sponsor. They have joined the team and look forward to rewarding our top recruiters with us! CLICK HERE to visit Sterling National Bank on the web

Monthly Prizes
• Our top recruiter each month will earn a Visa gift card.
• If the recruiter-of-the-month recruits 2-5 new members, they’ll win a $50 gift card. 
• If the recruiter-of-the-month recruits 6+ new members, they’ll win a $100 gift card. 

Grand Prizes 
• Two $500 Grand Prizes! 
• Grand Prize #1: Recruit the most new members between January 1 and November 30*!
• Grand Prize #2: Recruit the most new homeowner members between January 1 and November 30!

* must recruit from at least two member types to win.

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Send your referral information to:     
Gabby Grimes 
phone: 267.367.5472