Professional Manager Designations

Community associations and management companies are looking for qualified, dedicated professionals to manage their communities. Do you want to gain a competitive advantage, earn more money, and obtain valuable experience? 

The Community Association Institute Professional Management Development Program (PMDP) and credentialing program can help you achieve these goals. As a novice or experienced manager, you can learn something new, increase your earning potential, and further your career goals. If you already have a credential, you can download redesignation forms and stay on top in your career.

pcamDefinition of a community manager: A community association manager will have the knowledge, ethics, professionalism and skills with verifiable experience in financial, administrative, and facilities management in at least one community association, either commercial or residential. The community association manager must be compensated for providing professional guidance and assistance to the board of directors of any association(s) managed by that community association manager, whether the individual is acting as an full time independent contractor, or as an employee of a management firm, or as a general manager or executive director of a common interest development. Management of property other than community associations will not meet the qualifications for community association manager.CMCA

Visit the links below for detailed information on each of the following manager credentials:

CMCA® - Certified Manager of Community Associations®
AMS® - Association Management Specialist®
PCAM® - Professional Community Association Manager®
LSM® - Large-Scale Manager®

Code of Ethics

Managers with a CAI professional designation are bound by the CAI Code of Ethics. Click here for a copy of the code of ethics, enforcement procedures and information on how to file a complaint.