Homeowner & Community Association Education

CAI's Homeowner Leadership programs are designed to help current association board members, committee members and homeowners better understand the governance and management of community associations.

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NEW from CAI - Board Leader Certificate Program

Education is the at the core of CAI's mission and homeowner leaders are CAI's largest audience. We want to expand our educational reach and homeowner board members want recognition, so we created a certificate.

What is the new Certificate program?

  • Complete the Board Leadership Development Workshop
  • Review three additional resources (Model Code of Ethics, Rights & Responsibilities for Better Communities, and Governance Guidelines)
  • Certificate Complete!

 What happens after the Workshop?

  • Your attendance at the program, live or on demand, will be recorded by CAI headquarters.
  • CAI HQ sends you information to complete the certificate.
  • CAI issues the certificate and publishes the certificate holder's name, community, city, and state online.
  • Chapter recognizes certificate holder online and in our magazine, Community Assets.

 How much is the CAI Board Leader Certificate?

  • The online certificate program is $99 on the CAI headquarters website. Or, see below for rates to attend the Board Leadership Development Workshop at the chapter level. 

Board Leadership Development WorkshopBoard_Leadersip_Development_Series_Logo_transparent

CAI's Board Leadership Development Workshop is one step in achieving the CAI Board Leadership Certificate.

Whether you live in a condominium, homeowners association (HOA) or other type of community, this workshop highlights what every board member needs to know to serve effectively. The workshop consists of the five modules outlined below:

  • Governing Documents and Roles & Responsibilities
  • Communications, Meetings & Volunteerism
  • Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • Professional Advisors and Service Providers
  • Association Rules and Conflict Resolution

This program is generally taught twice per calendar year, in the Spring and Fall.

Visit the calendar of events for upcoming program dates.

View the short video below for an overview of this important educational class for community association volunteer leaders.