Sponsor a Chapter Program

Sponsoring a chapter program is a great way to get your company name, logo and services in front of decision makers in community associations. The chapter's Premier Partner Program, launched in October of every year for the follow year, is the main vehicle for business partners and management companies to sign up as program sponsors. But there are also great sponsorships that you can secure through out the year at our regional council programs, golf outing, annual conference and other educational programs. Please be sure to review our chapter policy on Program Sponsors. Please contact Carol Shenk for more information or to become a sponsor. 

If your target audience includes decision makers in community associations, advertising with CAI is the best option for reaching this target audience. CAI offers multiple advertising venues.

Print / Digital Media Advertising

Annual Membership Directory & Resource Guide

  • Advertising in CAI's Membership Directory is a benefit reserved for members only! Not a member? Join today!
  • The Directory Ad Rate & Additional Category Selection Sheet contains all the information, terms and conditions you need to place an ad.
  • Distributed to approximately 1,900 members in PA, NJ and DE
  • Managers/association board members refer to the directory regularly when looking for business/service providers
  • Our targeted audience delivers your message to decision makers in community associations
  • Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to place your ad in front of CAI’s membership
  • Purchase additional listings under a second or third category that describes your business for just $65 / additional listing

Business Partner Members - log in and verify your contact information for the directory.

Why Your Ad Should be in the 2019 Member Directory

Community Assets Magazine

Advertise in Community Assets magazine, our bi-monthly full color publication that reaches nearly 1900 members and additional contacts in Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Northern Delaware. Ad rates and reservation form can be found in our 2019 Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities brochure

Annual Conference & Expo Program

For more information about advertising in our Annual Conference & Expo Program Book, visit our annual conference page or contact the chapter office at 610-783-1315.

Bi-Annual Education Course Catalog


Website & Email Advertising

CAI’s website is a great way to advertise your products and services both to the membership and to other visitors to the site. Traffic to the CAI site is strong and new information and events keep visitors coming back on a regular basis. Ads will be featured on CAI's homepage and will cycle periodically. The following website banner ads are available:

Full year starting January 1 - $1,150 LIMITED TO TWELVE ADS

In addition to website advertising, we are now offering limited email blast advertising opportunities in connection with our new "The Minute" monthly email newsletter, Business Partner Spotlight emails, and quarterly InSeason seasonally themed emails. 

The Minute
Header Banner Ad - $400 per email SOLD OUT FOR 2019
Footer Banner Ad  - $300 per email

Business Partner Spotlight
Have your company spotlighted in an e-mail sent to our entire mailing list, approximately 3,000 e-mail addresses. Only fiveavailable. Price is for one BP Spotlight featured e-mail. 
$800 - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

Our new InSeason e-mails will feature links to seasonally relevant content from blog posts, podcasts, video FAQs, and much more. Have your ad featured! 

Header Banner Ad - $400 per email - only 4 available 
Footer Banner Ad - $300 per email - only 4 available 

For more information about our website advertising program and how you can reach thousands of visitors, contact the chapter office at 610-783-1315 or e-mail Carol Shenk.

Annual Conference & Expo Mobile App Advertising

Advertise in our new mobile app at our Annual Conference & Expo. Your banner ad will appear in rotation at the top of our mobile conference app. Ad rate and reservation form can be found in our 2019 Advertising & Sponsor brochure.

Community Matters Podcast Advertising 

Sponsors will receive an "NPR style" commercial - their company name / website mentioned during the podcast. Ad rate and reservation form can be found in our 2019 Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities brochure.

Sponsored Blog Content

Sponsors provide education blog post which CAi will put on our @ Home with CAi blog and promote on social media outlets including LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Guaranteed impressions / views of at least 200 followers on CAI's social media outlets! Ad rate and reservation form can be found in our 2019 Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities brochure.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Through an exciting new partnership with Association Revenue Partners, a digital marketing company, CAI is pleased to announce a great new opportunity for management company and business partner members. This digital marketing campaign converts visitors to CAI's website - nearly 14,000 unique visitors in 2018 alone - into potential customers for you. Our current membership is just over 1,900 members which means that nearly 90% of the visitors to our website in 2018 were not CAI members. After a visitor to the CAI website navigates to another site, they will see ads from business partners and management company members participating in the digital campaign. It's a great way to reach a highly targeted audience of community association contacts and others who visit the CAI site and accomplish the following goals:

  • Increase qualified traffic to your website
  • Increase branded searches
  • Visitors to your website will be highly targeted and higher quality
  • Increase leads and sales

For more information, please contact the chapter office at: 610.783.1315 or by email at: info@cai-padelval.org