Enroll Now in CAI's Digital Marketing Campaign

February 7, 2018 12:06 PM

Through an exciting new partnership with Association Revenue Partners, a digital marketing company, CAI is pleased to announce a great new opportunity for our Business Partner members.

This digital marketing campaign converts visitors to CAI's website - nearly 14,000 unique visitors in 2017 alone - into potential customers for you. Our current membership is just over 1,600 members which means that nearly 90% of the visitors to our website in 2017 were not CAI members. After a visitor to the CAI website navigates to another site, they will see ads from our business partner and management company members participating in the digital campaign. It's a great way to reach a highly targeted audience of community association contacts and others who visit the CAI site and accomplish the following goals:

  • Increase qualified traffic to your website
  • Increase branded searches
  • Visitors to your website will be highly targeted and higher quality
  • Increase leads and sales

Best of all, Association Revenue Partners does all the work for you - from designing your ad to getting it in front of your target audience. Click here for the media kit with campaign details and associated advertising costs.

We're very excited about this new partnership and think it can really benefit you and your company. The team at Association Revenue Partners will soon be reaching out to you to present this opportunity in greater detail. Or, you can get a jump start by reaching out directly to Kathy Dowdy at (214) 396-9935 or by e-mail at: kdowdy@associationrevenuepartners.com

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