CAI Excellence Awards

Nominations for CAI's Excellence Awards program are now open. Awards will be given out at the Annual Meeting & Holiday Party on December 11, 2019. 

All nominees must be members of the chapter, including at least one member of the board from any community association nominee.

Remember, all nominees must be current members of the chapter. If you’re not sure of membership status, please contact the chapter office. All nominations must be submitted electronically via the online nomination form by November 15, 2019.

Membership Awards

Excellence in Education Award

This award will be given to a member who has contributed valuable educational content during the year in either verbal or written form. Nominees can include program speakers, magazine authors, podcast contributors, etc.
  • Recognizes excellence in creating valuable, relevant & consistent content that educates, attracts and retains the CAI audience. 

Excellence in Community Management Award

This award will be given to a manager or managers who have excelled in the field of community management and who is demonstrably engaged in the chapter. Nominees must have achieved and currently maintain at least one of the following CAI professional manager credentials: CMCA, AMS, PCAM, or LSM

This award will take into consideration the following:
  • What distinguishes this nominee from other community association managers?
  • What impact has this manager had on the community or communities they manage? What are this manager's most outstanding achievements over the last year?
  • What has this manager done to support the goals and objectives of CAI and how is the manager engaged in the chapter?

Excellence in Community Leadership Award 

This award will be given to a community association board that has excelled in the field of leadership and community governance. Nominees should demonstrably cultivate a true sense of community, promote active resident involvement and create a culture of informed consensus. Nominees should strive to preserve the character of their community, protect property values, meet and/or exceed the expectations of homeowners and serves in the best interests of the association.
Nominations must include an overview of what this community association board has done to earn your nomination. Include information such as involvement with CAI, community and board operations, involvement in the community at-large and other supporting information.

Excellence in Community Service Award

This award will be given to a member organization (management company or business partner) that has excelled in the area of service to a community association or to the community association industry. 
  • Nominees have a demonstrated commitment  to personal & professional development and have fostered harmonious relationships within CAI.
  • Nominees are actively engaged in the chapter and serve as mentors or examples to other organizations within the membership.
  • Nominees provide leadership that encourages others to provide exceptional service / customer value.

Chapter Volunteer Awards

Chapter Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is given to a member or members with a minimum of two years of volunteer service with the chapter and who has displayed extraordinary commitment, leadership, and contributions to the chapter.
  • Demonstrates passion for their work & CAI’s mission
  • Recipient strives to make an impact within CAI and their respective field of work

Recruiter of the Year Award

The Recruiter of the Year is given to the member who has recruited the most new members in the previous year.

Robert Wise President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement

This annual award is chosen by the chapter president and is named after former chapter president Robert H. Wise. This award was created by the board in 1999.
  • Recipient has been a longtime member of CAI and continues to be actively engaged in the chapter.
  • This award honors the recipient(s) for ongoing service and a lifetime of achievement within CAI and the community association industry. 
  • The recipient is dedicated to the principles & objectives of CAI.
  • Demonstrates leadership & provides guidance and inspiration to CAI members to achieve similar success.
  • Recipient has contributed, above and beyond, to the advancement of the chapter and is recognized for the significance of the body of contributions of the award recipient(s).
In addition to the above awards, CAI will also be recognizing community associations with the Community Excellence Recognition. This is not an award that will be given out at an event. The communities that meet the eligibility requirements will be recognized in the chapter magazine, on the chapter website, and at various events throughout the year.

Community Excellence Recognition

Community associations that maintain membership in the chapter will be recognized as a Community of Excellence, provided they meet the following standards for recognition:
  • The community is a Gold Star Community
  • Each member of the community association board has attended the CAI Board Leadership Development Workshop once during their term of service.
  • The community association is managed by a CAI credentialed manager (CMCA, AMS, LSM, or PCAM).
To nominate a member for one of the above awards, please click here for the online nomination form. Remember, all nominees must be current members of the chapter. If you’re not sure of membership status, please contact the chapter office. All nominations must be submitted electronically via the online nomination form. The deadline for nominations is November 15, 2019.