Do You Have the Write Stuff?

July 28, 2016 02:56 PM

Time and time again, surveys and polls sent to our members reflect that the educational articles found in our award-winning chapter magazine, Community Assets, and our website’s blog, @ Home with CAI, consistently rank high among the reasons that our members join and maintain their membership and are among the most valued resources available to them. As a business partner member of CAI, that’s good news for you! It’s good news because writing an article for Community Assets or @ Home with CAI is a totally free way for you to increase your company recognition, share your industry knowledge, and increase your participation and involvement with CAI.  

CAI is actively and always looking for content for both the magazine and blog and provides a powerful way for you to gain maximum exposure for your company, services, and products. While we cannot accept articles deemed to be promotional in nature and authors may not promote their business, upcoming seminars, or products that the company produces or sells within the article, all articles include a brief author bio, edited by the publisher, which will include information about the author, the author’s business or organization, and contact information (typically an e-mail address or website).

Community Assets is printed in a physical edition and a member’s only digital version is made available thorough CAI’s website. The digital version contains hyperlinks to the author’s e-mail address and their company / organization website. Additionally, content posted on @ Home with CAI will be hyperlinked back to the author’s e-mail address and company / organization’s website and may be promoted via CAI’s Twitter, Facebook, and / or LinkedIn social media feeds, providing even more promotional consideration for the author and their company / organization.

Both Community Assets and @ Home with CAI are informational / educational in nature and articles submitted for publication should be fact-based, as opposed to op-ed pieces. CAI reserves the right to print the article more than once if it deems it appropriate and may, at its discretion, post the article in either or both the magazine or blog. Acceptance of an article by CAI is not a guarantee that it will be published.

All submissions are shared with CAI’s Communications & Content Committee for review and may be edited for content, grammatical issues, spelling, and other criteria determined by the editorial staff solely at the editor’s discretion. By submitting an article, the author represents that said article is an original piece of work written by the author and that the author and or company / organization has the right to submit the materials. CAI relies upon your representation as fulfillment of its responsibility to exercise diligence in the acceptance of materials.

Ready to get writing? For more information, including CAI’s Guidelines for Authors and article submission deadlines, please contact Michael Shaw at the chapter office.

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