Congratulations to CAI Scholarship Winners

March 1, 2017 12:00 PM

Congratulations to our 2017 Manager Designations Scholarship recipients and thank you to our scholarship sponsors - dC Engineering Inspections, The Falcon Group, KPI2, Lemus Construction & Marcus & Hoffman.
Our scholarship recipients will receive a full reimbursement of the $445 registration fee for attending either the M201 or M204.

Cindy Brandt, FirstService Residential
A CAI member since 2011, Cindy has been a community manager for 8 years. Cindy will be attending the M204: Community Governance course with her scholarship. She feels that pursuing her professional education and credentials recognizes that a person is an expert in their field and gives that person credibility. It also shows that that individual has a commitment to their professional growth. Cindy says, "I am a strong supporter of education and CAI's credentials. I have worked on bettering myself by earning my CMCA and AMS designations and look forward to obtaining the highly-coveted PCAM."  

Karen Oglesby, CAMCO
Karen has been a community manager for nineteen years. She holds her CMCA designation. Of her experience as a manager, Karen says, "Having been a manager for over ten years, in over 25 associations, I’ve not only grown but had the opportunity to work with a great diversity of personalities and situations, including developers, both large and small, board members young and not so young, managers of varying abilities, and management companies of all sizes. Through these experiences, I’ve seen that the greatest skill of all to possess is customer service. This is supported by the subset of skills in effective listening, empathy, problem solving and tenacity. When a manager can lead, whether it’s their team, the board, or a homeowner, to an outcome that is best for the community and they feel good about, a job has been done well." Karen plans to attend the M204: Community Governance course with her scholarship. 

Gene Tick, Country Club of the Poconos
Gene believes that, "Managers need to keep up with changing times. Education in all aspects of operations - from financing, new legistlation, working with board members, and working with members of any HOA - managers need to be looked at as professionals in difficult positions." Gene plans to attend the M-201: Facilities Managemenet course in March. 

Ian Wilson, FirstService Residential 
Ian has been a community manager for eight years and first joined as a CAI member in 2013. He says, "I see myself as a hard working community manager who genuinely cares for his communities, and by extension the people that make up those communities. Establishing relationships built on trust enables clients to have faith that I will ensure their community is well served;"

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