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2020 Virtual Annual Conference Breakout Education Sessions

This year's conference offers six (6) education breakout sessions over the course of the two day event. Attend the sessions of your choice during the live event. Attend the remaining sessions in on demand format after the live event! All session recordings will be made available to all registered attendees for free following the live event. Each session, live or on demand, is worth 1 hour of continuing education credit.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Breakout Educational Sessions I (pick one) 10:45 AM to 11:35 AM

Session 1: Board Governance Issues: How to Protect the Board and Association From Liability
Presented by David Dahan, Esq., Hyland Levin Shapiro LLP

Learn the formalities of how to conduct yourself as a Member of the Board.  You now wear two hats - one as an owner and one as a Member of the Board.  While you may have good intentions to make the community a better place to live, liability can be lurking around the corner if you do not have a good team in place, follow the governing  documents and law and manage the Association as a non-profit business.  Oh, and that liability may be personally against you!

Session 2: Covid Q&A: The New Normal for Facilities Maintenance
Presented by:  Mike McCullough, County Action Restoration; Mike Ryan, Adamas Building Services 

How do you maintain common facilities, including club houses, fitness centers, pools, game rooms and other amenities while fighting a deadly pandemic? What are the revised CDC guidelines and how can you best implement them to provide for the safe use of your community associations facilities? This panel discussion will include tips on cleaning and sanitizing facilities, use of a maintenance calendar, and managing the risk associated with their use.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Breakout Educational Sessions II (pick one) 12:45 PM to 1:35 PM

Buy the Green Bananas: Invest in Your Community's Future
Presented by: David Chesky, The Falcon Group & Josephine Wolf, Esq., Clemons Richter & Reiss

Do you avoid buying green bananas for fear that you might not be around to see them ripen? Fifty-five is young, yet some age restricted communities face the perennial challenge of convincing owners to fully fund reserves for future capital investments that they might not be around to enjoy. This presentation will provide insights on how to overcome this challenge including a discussion of the ramifications of not following fiduciary responsibility for the long-term life of the association, how reserves impact the budget and ensure the association will have the funds for capital improvement projects as they arise, and how those on fixed incomes can relax without having to fear the dreaded special assessment. 

It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark: How a Pandemic Reminded us that Preparedness is the Key to Recovery
Presented by: Robyn Colajezzi, Director, Commercial Marketing and Development, SERVPRO of Germantown, Pennypack/Bustleton, and Upper Bucks

It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark and hand sanitizer & toilet paper weren't luxury items in 2019.  This session will explore disaster preparedness including flood and fire, as well as the current COVID-19 Crisis.  You will learn valuable, life-saving information for your communities and homes; as well as specific CDC guidelines on creating an Infectious Disease Protocol to protect your community, family, and staff.

Breakout Educational Sessions II (pick one) 3:15 PM to 4:05 PM

Session 1: Beyond Routine Maintenance: Roadmap to a Successful Building Envelope Restoration Program
Presented by:  Allen Roth, Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. 

Building envelope damage and water intrusion can cause major disruptions to a condominium's residents, staff, and maintenance team. When the building envelope damage is beyond routine maintenance and becomes a potential public safety concern, a restoration program would greatly benefit and protect the building's investment.  There are several key factors to consider when developing a successful building envelope restoration program including long-term objectives, material life expectancy, aesthetics, impact on building operations, and budgets. Finalizing a comprehensive budget-sensitive program can be challenging and requires a knowledge of the in-situ building envelope construction. With many unknown or unforeseen conditions, it is important to understand what factors to consider when working on an existing building.  The goal of the presentation is to educate facility managers on various facade building materials, their behavior, and the importance of proper system interface.

Session 2: Covid Q&A: Creating A Community Budget
Presented by: Cindy Simpson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, Associa MidAtlantic; Brendan Whelan, Smith Insurance Associates; Jonathan Katz, Esq., Hill Wallack

The pandemic has wrought havoc on community association budgets. Based ono current trends and information, associations will likely need to keep social distancing in mind along with strict disinfecting policies in place as they prepare budgets for 2021 budgets. This session will explore the budgetary impact of the following circumstances: 
  • The effect from social distancing impacts social committees and community events
  • The financial impact on cleaning and monitoring of amenities and common areas
  • Budgeting for PPE, cleaning procedures, and signage
  • The financial impact on insurance
  • The financial impact on updating policies, rules and regulations and bylaws
  • The financial impact on lawsuits arising from positive Covid1-19 cases

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