2022 Annual Conference Education


May 11 & 12, 2022 at Valley Forge Casino


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2021 Annual Conference Breakout Education Sessions

This year's conference offers nine (9) one hour education breakout sessions. Attend the sessions of your choice. Each one hour session is worth 1 continuing education credit.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Breakout Sessions 3:15 PM to 4:05 PM

Session 1:  Where Does Your Insurance Premium Pricing Come From? Presented by David Velasco, JGS Insurance

This session will break down, with a simple formula, how your insurance premium is calculated. This program will empower your association to take control of your insurance policies and premiums and provide the keys to becoming a best risk in class.

Session 2: Don't Be Battle Scarred - Winning Construction Defect Lawsuits. Presented by David Dahan, Esq., Hyland Levin Shapiro

Associations have much at stake in construction defect lawsuits.  Such lawsuits commonly involve multiple defendants, complicated technical issues and voluminous documents.  Learn effective techniques to gather relevant information, analyze whether litigation is worth it,  communicate between the Association's lawyer, the Board and the community manager, manage litigation and expectations, engage experts, explore mediation and place the Association in a better position to succeed.

Session 3:  Finance Committee Policies & Best Practices. Presenterd by Dustin Ward, Ruotolo, Spewak & Co.

Add value to your condo or community association with these tips, ideas, and recommendations to fine-tune your association’s finance committee provided by Ruotolo, Spewak & Co.’s Dustin Ward, CPA. Learn how to interpret financials, review activity, budget, and plan to help ensure the future financial stability of your association.

Breakout Sessions 4:20 PM to 5:15 PM

Session 4:  Safe Investments for Community Associations:  It's Chess Not Checkers. Presented by Nicole Skaro, CIT

Join CITs investment/reserve team to learn how to increase Reserves safely.  This detailed discussion will educate attendees on how rates work, safe investments for associations, laddering products for liquidity, and understanding how to safely increase your association funds. You’ll also learn what rates are based on and how to watch for increases, how to be comfortable with longer investments and how to plan for the next 2-3 years.

Session 5: Addressing Structural Concerns in a Community is a Team Effort. Presented by Frank Fittipoldi, FirstService Residential; Allen Roth, JBCI; Rob Hoffman, Esq., Marcus & Hoffman; moderated by Andrew Batshaw, FirstService Residential

Identifying and addressing structural issues in common interest communities should always be a top priority. The most effective way for a Board to meet its fiduciary obligation and duty to protect community members and residents’ safety is to have a team mentality in ensuring structural issues are discovered and addressed in a timely manner. This starts with the management team identifying areas of concern and bringing the right players to the table to address any areas of concern.  

The panel will be discussing the roles all stakeholders play in addressing structural issues within your community.

Session 6: Preparing an RFP for Contractor Services. Presented by TBD

Chances are pretty good that you know what an RFP—Request for Proposal—is but do you know how to properly prepare and write an effective RFP that will deliver the best bids? This session will ensure that your RFPs not only receive a response but deliver the best results for you to consider

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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Breakout Sessions 10:15 AM to 11:05 AM

Session 7: Smoke-Free Properties: Policy and Enforcement. Presented by Thurman Brendlinger, Program Director, Clean Air Council
If your community or building is looking to develop a smoke-free property, this program is for you. This session will cover best-practices and resources for developing and maintaining a smoke and tobacco-free community, building, or property. Participants will learn about:
  • Housing-Specific Tobacco Control and Public Health Priorities
  • The "Business Case" for Smoke-Free Policies
  • Comprehensive Smoke-Free Programs: Incorporating Tobacco Cessation Treatment, Resident and Staff Engagement to Avoid Issues
  • Training Keys for Staff and Building Managers; Avoiding Evictions
  • Enforcement and Policy Language, and Legal Issues
  • Examples from the field
  • Q&A (Please bring your questions, concerns, and examples of resident issues.)
Session 8: Maintenance Mania – 2 Maintenance Topics in 1
Session 1: Preventative Maintenance to Your Asphalt Shingle Roof. Presented by Jack Kopko, Roofmax of Delaware
Have you met your roof? Learn about the importance of preventative maintenance to your asphalt shingle roofs and why it is important. Through this presentation, you’ll learn about the components of a shingle, and why shingles fail quicker than they used to, and what’s involved in a roof assessment and why a roof tune-up is important.
Session 2: Deck Safety: Are your Decks in Top Condition? Deck Rail Systems. Presenter by Anne Yannarella, National Contractors
Without proper care during the building process, or correct maintenance over time, your deck, and its railings may not be as safe as you think and could possibly collapse, causing serious injuries. Learn the difference betwee a balcony and a deck, key considerations for choosing replacement deck building material, differences in deck railing systems, and how to factor in budget, climate, ease of maintenance, and overall aesthetics.  
Session 9: Legalities & Logistics of Electronic Voting in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Presented by Matt Collins, Esq, Horn Williamson, Jonathan Katz, Esq., Hill Wallack, and Cathi Sleight, VoteHOANow
This program will discuss the legal issues that both PA and NJ community associations must be aware of before utilizing electronic voting and also contain a demonstration of how an electronic voting service works. 


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