2020 Annual Conference Education


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Save the date for CAI's 2020 Annual Conference & Expo - May 7-8, 2020! The following topics are under consideration for education sessions at the May, 2020. Please review, and provide your feedback in the survey.

Education Topics for 2020 Annual Conference

Boards: Avoid These Privacy Pitfalls

Volunteer members of condominium and HOA boards have a lot to worry about. But in today's technology besieged world, protecting the privacy of your residents raises all new issues and potential traps. What steps does your Association take to protect sensitive information collected regarding its residents?  What privacy violations can make a board member personally liable?  How are confidentiality provisions applied to board members?  What type of rule violations can be disclosed to the community and how may those disclosures be made? We'll review these topics and discuss best practices in handling privacy expectations and sensitive information by your board.

Beyond Routine Maintenance: Roadmap to a Successful Building Envelope Restoration Program

Building envelope damage and water intrusion can cause major disruptions to a condominium's residents, staff, and maintenance team. When the building envelope damage is beyond routine maintenance and becomes a potential public safety concern, a restoration program would greatly benefit and protect the building's investment. There are several key factors to consider when developing a successful building envelope restoration program including long-term objectives, material life expectancy, aesthetics, impact on building operations, and budgets. Finalizing a comprehensive budget-sensitive program can be challenging and requires a knowledge of the in-situ building envelope construction. With many unknown or unforeseen conditions, it is important to understand what factors to consider when working on an existing building. 

Responding to the Roar: How to Say "No" to Noise in the Community Association

Noise transmission and vibrational issues, especially with the lack of adequate sound insulation in new construction, is becoming an increasingly big problem in our condominiums and planned communities. In this fast-paced and interactive program, you will learn some of the evolving statutory and decisional laws on this subject, while at the same time, gain some practical and creative insight into dealing with and saying "no" to these serious noise problems.

Board Governance Issues - How to Protect the Board and Association From Liability

Learn the formalities of how to conduct yourself as a Member of the Board. You now wear two hats - one as an owner and one as a Member of the Board. While you may have good intentions to make the community a better place to live, liability can be lurking around the corner if you do not have a good team in place, follow the governing  documents and law and manage the Association as a non-profit business. Oh, and that liability may be personally against you!

Green Bananas - Have a Little Faith

Do you avoid buying green bananas for fear that you might not be around to see them ripen? Fifty five is young, yet it's true that some age restricted communities face the perennial challenge of convincing owners to fully fund reserves for future capital investments that they might not be around to enjoy. This presentation will provide insights on how to overcome this challenge. Engineers, attorneys and community association managers will lead a discussion the ramifications of not following fiduciary responsibility for the long-term life of the association, how the Reserves impact the budget and ensure the association will have the funds for capital improvement projects as they arise and how those on fixed incomes can relax without having to fear the dreaded Special Assessment. 

Workplace Violence Recommendations & Resources

Community associations are also places of work for many people. This workplace violence overview assists managers and management companies in understanding the following:
  • What the identified stressors are that have historically lead to Workplace Violence. 
  • Lifesaving actions that must be taken during acts of violence in the workplace. 
  • Defining Workplace Violence.
  • Determining what your legal responsibilities are.
  • Who commits and who is victimized by Workplace Violence.
  • Discussing policy development.
  • The importance of initial and ongoing training.
  • Case Study Review.

Ethics: Today’s Challenges and Best Practices for the Future

Former members of CAI’s Designation Ethics Committee, who served for a combined two decades, discuss ethical challenges in today’s business environment and offer best practices as companies and communities prepare for the future in community association management.

Budget Security for your Community Trees: Is It Possible? 

The management and maintenance of a community's large number of trees usually takes a 'back-seat' to other landscape components such as annual lawn mowing, mulching of beds, and flower plantings. Sometimes, the tree population is essentially ignored until the trees have grown to a large size and they become nuisances to residents, or even worse, a severe storm comes along resulting in serious tree and property damage. When your trees are dealt with on a strictly reactionary basis, the community's annual budget can often take an unplanned hit, forcing the board and property managers to draw funds from other areas of the budget to cover this unplanned expense. But, there is a better way - consistently maintaining your trees within a defensible,  intelligently created annual budget based on facts. This is achieved through a professionally done tree inventory and tree  management plan.

From Gibberish to Genius: Understanding Key Legal & Insurance Terms

Understanding the laws that govern community associations and the intricacies of the insurance coverages each community association should maintain are critical for both managers and elected association leaders. One key mistake could wreak havoc on your community. Join an attorney and insurance professional for an overview of the key legal and insurance terms that every new manager and newly elected board member must have a working knowledge of in order to successful govern and manage your community. 

Lead On: The Essentials of Good Leadership 

We've all heard the horror stories. A board run amock. A community divided by poor leadership and poor decisions. A good leader has a vision for the future and knows how to turn that vision into real-world success. A poor leader has tunnel vision and may place themselves above their community. This discussion will explore the essential elements that separate a good leader from a bad one.

You Don’t Know What You Think You Know: The Evolution of Community Management

Things change. Professions mature and industries evolve. From game-changing technological advances, to fundamental differences in how neighbors co-exist, community management isn't the same today as it was forty years ago, or even ten years ago. No matter how long you've been managing a condo or community association, it's helpful to learn how the art of community management has evolved over the years and what you might expect to change in the near future. 

Eliminating Amenities

Sometimes a community association outgrows an amenity. Maybe the tennis courts don't get used anymore, or the tot lot has been abandoned because there aren't anymore kids in the neighborhood. Whether because the cost of maintaining the amenity has gotten unwieldy, or fewer and fewer residents are using it, how does an association go about phasing out an amenity? This presentation will walk you through a step by step process to phase out an amenity.

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