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2020-2021 Legislative Session

House Bill 731 - Community Association Data Transparency

CAI supports this Bill. Introduced by Rep. Rosemary Brown on March 3, 2021: This legislation would amend the Municipalities Planning Code to require County Planning Commissions to include CIOC data in their currently required annual report. Counties would be required to collect, maintain, and make available upon request, information identifying condominium associations, cooperative housing developments, and planned communities located within the boundaries of the County. While it is estimated that 2.8 million PA residents live in a common interest ownership community (CIOC) and that roughly 80 percent of new housing starts since 2000 are CIOCs, the actual number and location of these communities is, by and large, unknown. Senate Bill 855 would mandate the collection of data, including information such as name, physical location, land area, lot size, number of units and location and would aid the State in assessing the impact of legislation specific to CIOCs. To mitigate the impact on County governments, amendments to the original bill would permit the County to make the data available to the public at a cost not to exceed that allowed under the state Right to Know Law and would also permit the posting of the data in electronic form.

House Co-Sponsor Memo

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House Bill 1050 - Homeowner Association Contributions Tax Equity

CAI supports this Bill. Introduced by Representative Valerie Gaydos on March 31, 2021: This legislation seeks to address what amounts to “double taxation” for residents living throughout our Commonwealth in condominium and homeowner associations. This occurs because homeowners in many of these communities are required to pay annual assessments for the upkeep and maintenance of commonly owned facilities and infrastructure such as streets, water and sewer facilities, trash removal and similar services. At the same time these homeowners are paying municipal taxes for similar facilities and services that other homeowners living in the same municipality but not in a planned community receive.

Under this proposed legislation, homeowners living in planned communities would, through their homeowners' association, be able to negotiate with the municipality to supply the service or reimburse the homeowners for the actual costs incurred by these homeowners for the services.

House Co-Sponsor Memo

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Senate Bill 273 - Covid-19 Related Liability

CAI supports this Bill. Introduced by Senator Lisa Baker on February 24, 2021: This bill provides for limited, temporary and targeted COVID-19-related liability related to compliance with state and federal COVID guidelines.

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House Resolution 69 - Common Interest Ownership Communities Study

CAI has not taken a position on this resolution. Introduced by Representative Valerie Gaydos on March 3, 2021: This resolution directs the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a study on the impact of common interest ownership communities on local governments and the Commonwealth, the challenges facing residents and governing bodies of common interest ownership communities and opportunities for the Commonwealth to assist local governments and common interest ownership communities to deliver adequate services to their residents at an affordable cost. 

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