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Engagement in the political process is key to ensuring Community Associations Institute's voice is heard in Harrisburg.  CAI PAC Pennsylvania supports candidates for election to the Pennsylvania General Assembly who support issues that affect an estimated 2,000,000 Pennsylvanians living in 720,000 homes in nearly 10,000 common interest communities.

When the legislature considers amending the laws that govern community associations, members of the legislature often turn to CAI and our legislative committee for advice. One way that CAI can educate these legislators and grow awareness of our industry is with a strong political action committee (PAC).

Many statewide interests that often oppose CAI in the legislature have a very strong political presence in the state capitol. It is critical for CAI to work hard to be the authoritative voice on the issues that impact our members. The donations that members contribute to the PAC ensure that CAI can help elect representatives who understand the community association world.

CAI PAC Pennsylvania raises money to contribute to candidates who support our communities, management companies and businesses.  CAI PAC Pennsylvania allows our members to pool resources and have a united voice to effectively shape policy issues that are critical to healthy communities.  

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Contributions, in the form of checks only, should be made payable and mailed to:
CAI PAC Pennsylvania • 6402 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 500 • Arlington, VA 22042

Please note: Personal checks only, please! CAI PAC Pennsylvania is legally prohibited from accepting checks from corporations.

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