Call for Presentations

The Pennsylvania & Delaware Valley Chapter invites subject matter experts to share your knowledge with our membership by joining our Speakers Bureau and presenting at one of our educational programs. The educational programs hosted by CAI benefit our membership in the following ways:

  • CAI presents many learning opportunities for community association managers, volunteer leaders and homeowners. In addition to helping build better communities through education, managers receive continuing education credits for each program that can be used to achieve and retain professional manager designations including the PCAM.
  • By speaking at these educational programs, business partners and managers who are subject matter experts gain exposure to and build relationships with our membership.

What topics have managers asked to hear about? We're glad you asked! We send out a survey after our educational programs and one of the questions we ask is what topics managers would like us to present at future sessions. Here's a list of some topics that have been asked for: 

Effective Time Management
Be Prepared.  (i.e. what would you/your company do if one of your portfolio managers suddenly was incapacitated - how would you inform/deal with their associations/boards/homeowners?  How quickly can your other manager(s) get up to speed?  What tools are essential for the swift transition of properties?)
Getting Bids/Proposals
Updating docs from unit property act to uniform condominium act. 
- what's changed since the trilogy amendment for unit property act communities.
- proxies, difference between mail ballot and proxy, and directed proxy.
- managing association employees, and the CAM's role.
- creating job descriptions for staff.
Managing the Boss
Investing in your own career
Use of Experts
Importance of reserve study- how to read one, etc.
Importance of doing accurate inspections for 3407 & 5407 disclosure.  Ramifications of 'not' disclosing something and then new owner responsible for its upkeep, maintenance, repair and replacement.   
How not to antagonize new owners
It would be great to have a two-hour program on technology 
Social Media's negative effects on community harmony
Tools for managers to educate board members
The need for professionalism
Creating an effective preventative maintenance schedule and tracking it
How to draft a contract and or must haves for every contract
How a roof is installed and new advances in roofing ( or something of that nature that is common to many managers)
What do managers look for in contractor relationships?
Insurance: Handling claims, Difference in policies
Dedication to township/borough process.
How to put together a fair RFP that covers insurance, permits, etc. 
Writing effective violation & warning letters
Information Disclosure and the legal aspects that affect associations.
Deeper dive into using some CAI resources. Workshop on getting and maintaining designations
How to handle a board who does not have an interest in following responsible fiduciary conduct in general and also in following rules themselves and allowing their friends to violate rules and who have a locked in automatic majority vote
Volunteer recruitment
Car charging stations
How to better communicate with board members and encourage team spirit, code of conduct for board members
Understanding parliamentary procedures/Roberts Rules/Modern Rules
Managing through money woes and flows
Making the transition from regular staff to Community Manager 
Managing under pressure
Front desk safety & security 
Understanding financial statements
How to plan and manage a budget
Workers compensation 
Social media and the marketing strategy for your community
How to write effective SOP’s
Cyber security and your infrastructure

To be considered as a speaker, you must be a member of the Pennsylvania & Delaware Valley Chapter, and must join our Speakers Bureau. Click here to complete the Speakers Bureau Application. Speakers are also expect to abide by and observe the  Chapter Speakers Policies.

All members are invited to share your expertise with the membership by submitting an idea

Call_for_Presentationsfor a presentation that you feel would be an engaging and noteworthy topic for a CAI educational program. Presentations should feature content that is specifically relevant to community associations and should be targeted to community association managers, management company executives and homeowner board members. All submissions will be forwarded to the appropriate program committee for review and selection of presentations.

The 2019 Call for Presentations is now open. The submission deadline is September 15. To submit a proposed topic, click below: 


Programs Overview 

Manager & Homeowner Leader Education
The chapter typically hosts two half day Manager Education Symposiums. These symposiums feature multiple breakout sessions featuring topics by experience level (Novice, Intermediate, Expert). These sessions offer continuing education credit for community association managers. Additionally, the chapter hosts an annual Active Adult Community Forum. The program will feature several one hour educational sessions on topics unique to the challenges faced by this growing area of homeownership. Dates to be determined.

Annual Conference & Expo

The 2019 Annual Conference & Expo will take place on May 9, 2019 at Valley Forge Casino Resort.  The Expo typically includes four to six one hour educational programs that deal with timely information for community associations and managers.

Regional Mini Trade Shows
The chapter host mini trade shows in the Fall in Central PA, South Jersey and the Pocono Mountains. Each event will include one hour educational sessions.

Poconos, Central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and New Jersey Regional Programs
Our four regional councils host numerous educational seminars that range from one to two hours in length, including Association Staff Training Symposiums in Philadelphia and the Poconos, and the High Rise Condo Conference in Philadelphia. The Poconos Council presents two half day forums - a Poconos Manager Symposium and a Large Scale Community Facilities Management Forum. Each forum will feature multiple one hour educational sessions.

The chapter hosts multiple one hour educational webinars throughout the year. These webinars will be geared to managers and homeowners with some specifically targeted to elected volunteer leaders in community associations.

Selection Criteria - Submissions that do not abide by these guidelines will be rejected:
Presentations should not market specific products and/or services. Presenters who violate the spirit of this or other policies may be precluded from participating in future programs.

Submissions should be specific with a title and description. Generic topics that do not offer specifics will not be accepted.

Submissions must identify the speaker and provide a bio. 

To be considered to speak at a chapter program, you must be a member of the chapter Speaker’s Bureau and abide by the chapter Speaker’s Policy. You must be a member of the Chapter for 90 days before applying to join the Speaker’s Bureau.

Note: The Chapter does not pay speakers nor does it pay or reimburse travel expenses of program speakers. Speakers will receive promotional value through listings on the chapter website and in promotional brochures, event flyers, etc.